# CommercioMint

# Abstract

This document specifies the commerciomint module of the Commercio Network.

The commerciomint module is the one that allows you to create Exchange Trade Position (ETPs) using your Commercio.network tokens (ucommercio) in order to get Commercio Cash Credits (uccc) in return.

A Exchange Trade Position (ETP) is a core component of the Commercio Network blockchain whose purpose is to create Commercio Cash Credits (uccc) in exchange for Commercio Tokens (ucommercio) which it then holds in escrow until the borrowed Commercio Cash Credits are returned.

In simple words, opening an ETP allows you to exchange any amount of ucommercio to get relative the amount of uccc with relative Conversion Rate value. For example, if you open an ETP lending 100 ucommercio with 1.1 Conversion Rate value will result in you receiving 90 uccc (approximation by default).
Initial Conversion Rate value in Params is 1.

# Contents

  1. State
  2. Messages
  3. Events
  4. Parameters
  5. Client