# CommercioAPI introduction

CommercioAPI is a RESTfull web service that allows anyone to create transactions with the set of permitted messages on the commercio.network Blockchain and to query it.

# Getting Started

In order to operate with the CommercioAPI are available two environements

  • Develop & Test : to test the APi and get familiar with the system in the Test-net
  • Official : to operate with the real CommercioAPI in the Main-net

The following services are envolved with the CommercioAPI usage

  • Web App : permit to obtain and mange your membership, generate and manage your hostedwallet, get your account address, see the accountability of your transactions
  • CommercioAPI base url : have access to the documentation of the Web RESTful services and interact with the API in the proper subpath
  • IDM(OpenID) : The IDentity Management service to be used for proper auhentication in the APIs services
  • Explorer : The web application "Almerico" that permit to get the transaction informations from the Commercio.network blockchain ledger

# Directions

These are the end points of the services in the Develop & Test environement and Offical (Production) one.

Develop & Test Official Note
dev.commercio.app commercio.app Web App
dev-api.commercio.app/v1/ (opens new window) api.commercio.app/v1/ (opens new window) CommercioAPI base url
dev-api.commercio.app/v1/swagger/index.html (opens new window) api.commercio.app/v1/swagger/index.html (opens new window) Swagger
devlogin.commercio.app/auth/realms/commercio/protocol/openid-connect/token login.commercio.app/auth/realms/commercio/protocol/openid-connect/token IDM(OpenID) authentication URL
testnet.commercio.network mainnet.commercio.network Explorer

# Develop & Test

Is a playground where everyone can test the charcteristics

# dev.commercio.app

Memberships can be bought once registered using a sandbox credit card provided by stripe

Stripe Cards

# Faucet

In the https://testnet.commercio.network chain is available a tool that permits to recharge a wallet with COM token .

In order to use the tool is needed

  • Endpoint : https://faucet-testnet.commercio.network/give
  • addr : destination address
  • amount : expressed in ucommercio

Example Suppose you want to recharge with 10 COM your wallet address did:com:1fjqvugs6dfwtax3k4zzh46pswmwryc8ff7f0mv

This is the request to be used



amount : There is a limit in the amount value of 100000000 ucommercio

ATTENTION : Is not available a faucet for CCC . The Buy function (coming soon) in the dev.commercio.app must be used

# Official

Is the realworld environment where real credit card transacions are requested and real token (COM and CCC) are spent

# Prerequisite

To use the APIs you need to :

  • Register and Login on web App (dev.commercio.app or commercio.app)
  • Own a valid membership (Bronze,Silver,Gold) and get your ID account (or own wallet address example : did:com:1r0sk6stfm6d5jtfcne2jxd7s7n2whp35tjm7zl )
  • Own enough CCCs (Commerce Cash Credits) to pay for the sending of the transactions.

# CommercioAPIs overview

Brief overview of the available functions. Refer tho the specific APIs guide for more details.

For any support or questions regarding the API or the documentation please open an Issue

# Swagger environement

In the CommercioAPI base url in the path /swagger/ is available the documentation of the set of released API and a Tryout is possible through the Swagger interface



NB: Any Examples in the documentation refers to the Develop & Test environement

# Hint : Basic Client for Major scritp Languages

Downloading the openapi.yaml file from the Swagger interface page you can upload it in the https://editor.swagger.io/ (opens new window)

Using the Generate Client menu you can obtain a basic stack software for the language you choose

# Authentication process

In order to gain proper access to the API an authetication process should be performed.

  • AUTHORIZE : Permit to authenticate through the IDM and get permission to API usage

# Available APi

The following api are available categorize by the Commercio.network Modules on which are based.

  • Wallet Permit to manage the the basic operations on your Wallet/s throught the Bank Module

  • Sharedoc Permit to manage the MsgShareDocument eDelivery Digital Time Stamping to certify document integrity using the DOCS MODULE

  • ID (coming next): the eID. To Create and manage Self Sovereign Identities

  • SIGN (coming next) : the eSignature. to Electronically Sign any PDF e XML digital document