# Government

# Abstract

In order to allow some specific operations to be performed only by a small set of individuals, inside Commercio.network we introduced the government module.

This module allows for two simple operations:

  1. Set a government address that will later be used as a sort of on-chain authentication method.
  2. Read the government address that has been set.

# Setting a government address

The address identified as the government can be set only during the genesis. This operation can be performed using the following command:

commercionetworkd set-genesis-government-address <ADDRESS-TO-USE>


Note: you can run this command only once. Running it several times after the first value has been set will result in an error been thrown inside the console.

# Query government address

The government address can be get:

  • via CLI, commercionetworkd query government gov-address
  • via REST, by making a GET request to the /commercionetwork/government/governmentAddress endpoint
  • via GRPC, by making a Query to the commercionetwork.commercionetwork.government.Query method

# Contents

  1. State