# Commercio.network nodes

Commercio.network blockchain has two different nodes types: full nodes and validator nodes.
Inside this page you will learn the difference between them, which role they play inside the whole blockchain, and how you can create either one of them.


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# Full nodes

Full nodes are nodes that simply store the whole transactions history. To do so, they connect to the blockchain and each time a new transaction is made, they write it on the hard disk. This means that being a full node you will be able to read the whole chain transaction from its beginning, but you will need to have a large store space if you want to keep it running for a long period of time.

Become a full node

If you are interested in becoming a full node, you can read the full node installation guide

# Validator nodes

Validator nodes are simply full nodes that also have the ability of validating new transactions that should be added to the chain. In order to do so, they possess a private key with which they sign the transactions marking them as valid. In exchange of their work, they get back a reward that is given to them each time a new block is created.
Without validator nodes, the whole chain couldn't exist and by becoming one of them, you will contribute to the working of the whole Commercio.network ecosystem.

Become a validator node

If you wish to become a validator node and start earning rewards you can read the validator node installation guide