# Developers Guides

# Our Mission

  • We want to give anyone the ability to exchange and sign documents with our eiDAS compliant blockchain.
  • We are creating tools to provide the best Developer Experience (DX) in the blockchain sector.
  • We want to do what Stripe did for payments: Make it easy and fast to develop on the blockchain.
  • We want to make developers feel right at home by using their own languages.
  • We want to provide a scalable blockchain today, to ship apps tomorrow, not in the next 2 years.

# The Developers Guide (online)

The step by step practical guide that explains to any developer how to master the technology that will change the world

# The Developers Guide (Printed Book)

For the developers that love reading things on the good old printed book we have published a beautifully designed visual guide. Any purchase will directly contribute to our Open Source effort

  • Available on Amazon and Kindle (soon)

# The Commercio.app

The Commercio Blockchain Certification App. Learn, take the Quiz and Try the Code. Serious developers only 😉 If you complete The Blockchain QUIZ, your company can join our Consortiunm as CERTIFIED DEVELOPER and you can and EARN €500 in Commercio Cash Credits.

  • Apple iOS App (soon)
  • Google Android App (soon)

# How It Works

  • DOWNLOAD THE APP Register providing your contacts and your company affiliation; you will be able to operate with FREE TESTNET TOKENS on the testnet.Commercio.network (opens new window)

  • LEARN, QUIZ and TRY The pocket version of Developers Guide with Copy Paste code examples to create your own App

  • EARN €500 CREDITS If you pass ALL the Quizzes, then your company will be able to Join our consortium (opens new window) for €500 and as Certified Developer you will EARN €500 in Commercio Cash Credits.

# Our SDKs

As a reference here uou can find all the Open source libraries and SDKs.

Dart/Flutter Kotlin/Java C#/Dot.net GoLang C++ Phyton Rust
Sacco Repo (opens new window) Repo (opens new window) Repo (opens new window) Repo (opens new window) Help us Help us Help us
CommercioSDK Repo (opens new window) Repo (opens new window) Repo (opens new window) Later Help us Help us Help us
(Commercio Application SDK) Docs (opens new window) Docs (opens new window) Later Later Help us Help us Help us