# Memberships

Inside Commercio.network we've designed a system to make sure that the network that will be build is made of trusted participants.

To do so we've implemented a membership system which allows you to buy a membership (represented by an NFT token) to display to everyone that you've been invited by an already verified members to join the network.

# Buying a membership

Memberships can be bought exclusively on chain. To do so you are required to possess an amount of Commercio Cash Credits (CCC) greater or equals to price of the membership you wish to buy.

# Requirements

In order to buy a membership, the following requirements must be met:

  1. You must have been invited by a user already having a Bronze membership or superior.
    Please refer to the invitation procedure page to know more about invitations.
  2. You must have been verified by a Trusted Service Provider.
    Please refer to the verification procedure to know more about the verification process.
  3. You must possess a sufficient amount of CCCs to buy a membership.
    Please refer to the proper page to know more about how to get CCCs out of your Commercio Tokens.

# Buying process

Once you've met all the requirements, you can buy a membership by performing a buying transaction.
After doing so, you will be able to verify your membership status using the membership query feature.

# Membership types

The currently supported memberships and their prices are the following.


Please note that each price is expressed using Commercio Cash Credit as measurement unit.

Membership Identifier Price
Bronze bronze 25
Silver silver 250
Gold gold 2500
Black black 50000

# Rewards values

The reward value given to you is based on your membership type and the membership that any user you've accreditated buys.

Invitee / Invited Bronze Silver Gold Black
Bronze 1.25 25 375 5'000
Silver 5 75 1'000 12'500
Gold 12.5 150 1'750 20'000
Black 17.5 200 2'250 25'000

Please note that the number of rewards is capped to a maximum of 12.5 millions tokens. After all the tokens have been distributed, any following invite will not be rewarded anymore.