# Government

In order to allow some specific operations to be performed only by a small set of individuals, inside Commercio.network we introduced the government module.

This module allows for two simple operations:

  1. Set a government address that will later be used as a sort of on-chain authentication method.
  2. Read the government address that has been set.

# Setting a government address

The address identified as the government can be set only during the genesis. This operation can be performed using the following command:

cnd set-genesis-government-address <ADDRESS-TO-USE>

Note that you can run this command only once. Running it several times after the first value has been set will result in an error been thrown inside the console.

# Retrieving the government address

# End user

The government address can be retrieved by using either cncli or by making a REST request:

  • via CLI, cncli query government address
  • via REST, by making a GET request to the /government/address endpoint

# From the codebase

If you're developing a new module or implementing a new feature into an existing one and you need to access the current government address, you can use the government.Keeper object.
This object allows you to use the GetGovernmentAddress method to read the current value.