# Trusted metadata scheme proposers

# Officially recognized metadata schemes

When sharing a document with a user, you can decide to adopt a metadata schema that is officially recognized inside the chain.

Those schemes are composed of few information and are proposed by trusted proposers.

# Trusted proposers

Trusted metadata scheme proposers are specific addresses that are recognized as trusted by the chain government.

These addresses can identify either companies or individuals, and are allowed to propose new metadata schemes whenever they wish to do so, without asking any permission to anyone.

# Adding a new proposer

If you represent the chain government, you can add a new trusted schema proposer using the appropriate procedure.

Before doing so, please note that once added, you cannot remove a trusted proposer without halting the chain. This means that you should pay a lot of attention when deciding who is going to be a proposer, as he will be later allowed to propose any new metadata scheme that he wants without any further approval.